Cartoonist Jim Whiting Remembers Shel Dorf as Cartoonist Society MVP

December 14, 2009

The Southern California Cartoonists Society (SCCS) web site presents some very nice things written about Shel Dorf. One example is reproduced below (with the permission of the author). It is by cartoonist and SCCS member Jim Whiting. In particular, it illustrates that Shel’s lifelong devotion to fostering community among comic and cartooning fans and creators extended beyond his work with the San Diego Comic-Con.

By Jim Whiting
June 20, 2008

Hard to believe, but when we first moved to California from
Watkins Glen, New York I’d never heard of the San Diego
Comic-Con. Nor of Shel Dorf, for that matter. Later of course, it
would be impossible to think of one, without the other coming
to mind.

I did know San Diego Union staff artist Bernie Lansky from our
Cartoonists & Illustrators School days in New York City and
when I told him about a small group of cartoonists having lunch
together once a month, he said, “You should talk to Shel Dorf.”
Bernie knew that Shel knew cartoonists downtown, uptown, all
around the county. Heck… around the country.

Well, I intended to get in touch with the cartoonist catalyst, but
before that happened, Shel happened. He got in touch with me
via telephone on March 16, 1986 and on the 18th. I drove him
and Steve Schanes to the third meeting of the Southern
California Cartoonists Society in Vista, CA.

It seemed as if every meeting following that one, a new face in
the crowd would appear due to the diligence of Dorf. The
consummate networker, Shel introduced a great number of
aficionados of the art – neophytes and old pros alike – to our
growing group. His personal contacts have resulted in many
outstanding programs presented by stars of the cartoon
industry at our monthly dinners. I often consider: if it were not
for him, Bernita and I would have missed attending a CAPS
banquet not long after we’d arrived in San Diego. It was there in
Los Angeles where it was my pleasure to become acquainted
with so many of our brothers and sisters in the cartooning
world. And I can’t begin to number other individuals who have
enriched my west coast experience because of Shel’s

No one person can assume credit for the fine club we have
today, but certainly, if we had such award, Shel Dorf would be
deserving of an MVP cup. (Most Valuable Promoter)

The original of this piece, along with appreciative words about Shel from other SCCS members, may be found at

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