More Pictures of Shel’s Giant Greeting Card from Artist Matt Lorentz

December 19, 2009

Artist Matt Lorentz sent in the following two new pictures of the giant greeting card that he took around Comic-Con 2009 so that many artist friends and admirers of Shel could sketch on it for him. (See previous article “Artist Matt Lorentz Remembers Shel Dorf”.)

The artist contributors were as follows: Matt Lorentz, Phil Yeh, Jim Whiting, Karyl Miller, Wardell Brown, Chad Frye, Dave and Doreen Dotson, Dean LeCrone, Rick and Deborah Geary, Rod Mojica, Robert Beerbohm, Greg Evans, Dave Scroggy, George Gladir, Werner and Nikolas Olsen, Rob Word, Phil Ortiz, Michael Aushenker, George Clayton Johnston, Mark Richmond, Joanne Stephens, Jay Wing, Dave Garcia and Monica Sharp, M.S.Peters, Jennifer Daydream, Ted Washington, and Charlie and Joan Roberts.

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