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In 1983, fan Charlie Roberts sent Milton Caniff a request for a sketch of the Dragon Lady character from the Terry and the Pirates comic strip and enclosed a check for it, hoping it would be adequate. On May 11, 1983, Milt did Charlie’s sketch while talking to Shel Dorf and being videotaped by Tom French. He also signed Charlie’s check over to the National Cartoonist Society’s Milt Gross fund for cartoonists in need. Here’s video of that informal “chalk talk.”

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Artist Matt Lorentz sent in the following two new pictures of the giant greeting card that he took around Comic-Con 2009 so that many artist friends and admirers of Shel could sketch on it for him. (See previous article “Artist Matt Lorentz Remembers Shel Dorf”.)


The Southern California Cartoonists Society (SCCS) web site presents some very nice things written about Shel Dorf. One example is reproduced below (with the permission of the author). It is by cartoonist and SCCS member Jim Whiting. In particular, it illustrates that Shel’s lifelong devotion to fostering community among comics fans and creators extended beyond his work with the San Diego Comic-Con.


Southern California Cartoonist Society member Charlie Roberts detailed his friendship with Shel in another posting on this site, but here’s a follow-up to the birth of the “Baby Thid Thez” panel cartoon, which Shel inked for Charlie, in the Point Loma “Beacon” bi-weekly newspaper.


Artist Matt Lorentz remembers Shel Dorf as the great connector, bringing together artists and fostering careers. Matt accompanied Shel on many of his legendary field trips, including visits with Chuck Jones, Mel Lazarus, and Forry Ackerman. At Comic-Con 2009, Matt Lorentz took a poster-sized greeting card around for many artists to draw on for Shel.


Charlie Roberts, Southern California Cartoonist Society Member, writes about working and being friends with Shel, Milton Caniff, Comic-Con 1983, and more.