Honoring Shel at Comic-Con

The Comic-Con committees, boards of directors, and staff have done a remarkable job over the years in building Comic-Con into the premier event of its type that it is today. With 125,000 to 140,000 attendees, it is the largest of its kind in the world. Thanks especially to the efforts and guidance of current Con President John Rogers and his core crew of the past decade, it is also renowned for being the best run.

However, all this good work was built upon a foundation laid by Shel Dorf. From his founding of Comic-Con in the fall of 1969 and throughout the many years he served as advisor to the ever-changing Con committees, Shel’s spirit and devotion were a constant force that shaped, guided, and nurtured the convention.

It seems appropriate, therefore, that Shel be honored by Comic-Con. He should be honored every year, but most especially at Comic-Con 2010, which will be the first convention following his passing. The question then is “How?”

How do you think Shel Dorf should be honored at Comic-Con International 2010? A Shel Dorf panel? A banquet at the Don Room in the El Cortez Hotel? A special memorial section of the program book? A separate commemorative publication? Create an annual Shel Dorf award? Host Shel’s family as guests at Comic-Con? Ask the city to name a street after him? All of the above? Please weigh in on this matter by commenting below and we will seek to convey your views and wishes to the Comic-Con committee.