Kotobukiya – In Memoriam – Shel Dorf Honored and Remembered

November 9, 2009

It was a source of deep regret for us to learn that Shel Dorf, founder of San Diego Comic Convention, has passed away on November 3, 2009. For more than 15 years, Kotobukiya has had the honor to attend the world’s most renowned and celebrated comic event. Without his devoted passion for comics, effort and leadership, the remarkable event would have not become what it is today. His contributions will continue to make it a better place to be. Kotobukiya would like to express our sincere condolences to Shel Dorf. May he rest in peace forever and we shall continue to remember his giving to the fans, artists, and the industry.

Thank you,
Shingo Nakagawa

Kotobukiya is a Japanese Collectible Toy Company that makes beautiful products of a quality we can only wish we could have had back in 1969 when we started working on Comic-Con. For a visual treat, visit their web site at http://www.kotous.com/.

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